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Chernobyl travels made easy! Tempting, challenging, beautiful, yet still dangerous. Please, before you apply for your Chernobyl tour, make a survey of the service, conditions, payments and regulations for entering Chernobyl zone. The zone, Chernobyl and city of Pripyat are territories accepting tourists, researchers, media under special conditions which can limit your stay or tour program. Use ONLY CERTIFIED TRAVEL AGENCIES for your Chernobyl trips.

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…over 80% of people visiting Chernobyl say they want to come back again!


Chernobyl Tour Operator Association (CHTOA) is a nonprofit professional association representing the Chernobyl tour operator industry. Its members are made up of companies whose Chernobyl tours have to bring a deeper meaning to the Chernobyl experience for tourists worldwide. The members also agreed and imposed into their politics all the principles that guarantee that the tourists leave the Chernobyl exclusion zone satisfied, informed, educated and impressed.

Chernobyl Tour Operator Association mission is to constantly improve the service and experience for the tourists travelling to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. This is executed through its members and board, which is constantly finding better ways how to amaze and truthfully inform the visitors in Chernobyl about the history, accident, consequences, radiation safety, nature and work nowadays in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. We will do all our work professionally and with deep respect to the Chernobyl zone as a museum and memorial that should be kept for further generations.



Valachovej str.1
84101 Bratislava
Slovakia, Europe Union
US Office – WY: +1 844 55 66 313 56px
DE Office – Berlin: +49 157 3180 7899
General +421 902 654 876

Tschernobyl Reisen

Friedrich Strasse 68,
GTEC 10117, Berlin
Germany, Europe Union
General +421 902 654 876

Chernobyl photo

Linon Digital
Southgate Business Centre
32 Gillygate, Pontefract
West Yorkshire
+421 902 654 876
United Kingdom

Chernobyl Trips

Uchenyh street 3
PGT Doslidnickoe Vasiljkovski
raion Kievska obl.
Ukraina 08654

Do Cernobylu

Jánského 17,
790 81, Česká Ves
Czech Republic


Binding without any exception to all members of Chernobyl Tour Operator Association

Inform truthfully about all facts and circumstances of Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident and the events that followed it. Do not use any unverified sources of information and if, this should be told in advance to visitors.
Inform and warn every visitor about the medical risks when visiting the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
Warn visitors and help them maximally stay away from radioactive hotspots and areas with higher radioactivity.
Stay away from any untruthful advertisements or promises (in the program or itinerary) to customers.
Not judge other Chernobyl tour operators in front of customers.
Not promote and charge prices for the Chernobyl tour that does not include some part of the service needed during the stay in the Chernobyl zone (obligatory insurance, dining, Geiger-Muller counter etc.).
Not allow our representatives and clients to violate the rules in Chernobyl - destroy, paint or disrespect any place in the Chernobyl zone as we consider it as a museum and a memorial.
Not to behave unfriendly, unfair and unhelpgul to any Chernobyl visitor and any other tour groups in Chernobyl.




Dominik Orfanus – President

Founder of CHERNOBYLwel.come and an enthusiast of Chernobyl zone with almost 100 trips guided since 2008. Idea maker for Clean up Chernobyl charity and Chernobyling festival. Former journalist with sense of humour and passion for ice hockey. He is married, lives in Bratislava, Slovakia with his wife, 3 daughters and a dog. Looks like he is bold….but not due to Chernobyl visits 😉

Tatiana Bezpalko – Vice President for Charity

A former visitor to the Exclusion zone who feel in love with it back in 2015, and ever since she works there trying to be in touch with every project which might be helpful for the Chernobyl zone and its residents. Working as official Chernobyl guide all this time, she spends there more days than home, and visits many Chernobyl self-settlers as their family member. She lives in Kiev and loves adventures. She is not married yet, probably still looking for a man who would agree to celebrate their wedding in Chernobyl.

Martin Duben

With the soul of a traveler, Martin seeks to discover unusual countries and places. That is why he got to Chernobyl the first time, and later decided to help Chernobyl community and spread its story. After visiting many strange and often not-so-popular places, he returns back to Chernobyl from time to time, to the place where his love for unusual and authentic travel started. At the moment, Martin is a host of travel cinemas and radio shows about Chernobyl, its history, current state, and possible future.

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