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Is Chernobyl at war?

Two years ago, the only prejudice and reason for not going to Chernobyl zone was simple: ‘It’s not safe. It is radioactive. There are mutants’. Last year there became another reason not to go to Chernobyl: ‘The War in Ukraine’. Both reasons are true to some extent. Traveling to Chernobyl is not safe – just like traveling

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CHTOA Charity work

Chernobyl exclusion zone became a unique ecosystem and it remained also a unique neighbourhood of people who love the zone – inhabitants (so called selfsettlers), workers and you – tourists. CHTOA is connecting these stakeholders in order to prevail the Chernobyl zone for future generations. With this mission in mind members of CHTOA support voluntary

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PROMETHEUS: symbol of young ” PRIPYAT “

Why Soviet authorities erected a statue of Prometheus near Chernobyl power plant Prometheus monument at the time of the town’s construction. image source: Constructing the Nuclear Plant at Chernobyl Before accident, nuclear power plant was seen as the safe and cheap energy source for the future. The town of Pripyat was one of several

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