Chernobyl exclusion zone became a unique ecosystem and it remained also a unique neighbourhood of people who love the zone – inhabitants (so called selfsettlers), workers and you – tourists. CHTOA is connecting these stakeholders in order to prevail the Chernobyl zone for future generations. With this mission in mind members of CHTOA support voluntary work and charity, e.g. CHERNOBYLwel.come (donates to people suffering from cancer via Dobry anjel), ChernobylPhoto (donates to people who come from though environment but love photography via PhotoVoice). CHTOA thanks to being present in Chernobyl and villages in the zone is improving the life of its inhabitants – old people who were mighty to return to evacuated area (both legally and illegally) because they want to live in their motherland. They are living in very simple conditions and are old. However, when you meet them, they are full of joy and always hospitable, ready to share their story and life knowledge. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a stranger coming in their house and leaving as a friend after few minutes, sometimes even with tears in their eyes.

Ivan Ivanovich

Ivan Ivanovich – One from the 150 inhabitants