There is always somebody on the tour to ask this question to our guides: What was the craziest thing that happened to you while guiding a tour in Chernobyl. So, here is one highlite from our guide Ludmila:

We had a private tour for two young men from the Netherlands. One of them was a sailor. We started the trip with radar system Duga-2 and they just asked me to сlimb on it. It seemed not to be a big problem so I agreed, but later I realized I did not tell them how many floors are they allowed to climb. Normally, people don`t climb more than 5 floors. But… after looking to the radar after some minutes I realized I don`t see them anymore. They just went to the very top (over 20 floors!). I could only pray for them and that everything will have one happy end. They came down excited, they showed me pictures from above. I think that was the moment I started to breathe)

2 tourists

But the best surprise was in the evening. I had a talk with one of my colleagues – other guide working that day and there were some news from the office: “Oh, didn`t you know what happened today? Police busted today two crazy tourists who went to the top of the radar!”

And… happily that two tourists were not mine. After the end of the trip Jan and Erik told me climbing Duga radar was really the greatest impression in their lives!